If you are interested in participating in God’s mission with us by loving and serving in, with and for the community of Willingboro, New Jersey contact us at
The Boro Church is humbled by its calling and excited to be the lead servant of the God Movement, IAMBORO, that is occurring in Willingboro, New Jersey.
Praise and Worship Ministry
Faithfully Fit Ministry
Hands and Feet of Jesus
Media & Technology Ministry
Our God is a god of abundance and He loves to give. Jesus sacrificed willingly on the cross and then
invited us into the fullness of life through a personal relationship with God.
As God’s children, we are called to be like Jesus. Our generosity in giving is a demonstration
of our love for God and an active reminder that we are blessed to be a blessing.
The Boro Church is committed to be a blessing to our community and is committed to tithing annually 30 percent of its time, talent and treasure into people and organizations within Willingboro.