We are faithful believers in Jesus who are cleverly disguised as loving neighbors that live life together as:


A community that recognizes that it is people and not the buildings that make up the church
A community of new beginnings – assisting people to get their life in alignment with God’s will
A community where imperfect people are welcomed
A community where people are invaluable – we care about the people inside and outside of our gathering place and not their money
A community where you can come as you are – the only dress code is that you wear some clothes
A community that represents where God wants you – it is okay to be nervous and have doubts
A community where men can be men and women can be women – we don’t seek to emasculate or desensitize anyone
A community where we want to know and grow with you – we know that your past does not prevent you from being transformed, through repentance, into a faithful follower of Jesus
A community where it is not about religion but about relationship